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> Anti-Spambot Posting Policy Revised
Posted: February 12, 2007 10:03 pm
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For quite awhile now we have been fighting a several-hours-per-day, every day, battle against spambots advertising porn, viagra and loans, among other things. It is a frustrating and tiring battle that takes time away from working on such things as a better user manual, and of course phpCOIN v2.

Our latest step to help stem the swarm of bots is to change the posting policy for new users.

Originally, new users were assigned to the "validating" group and could not post until they replied to an auto-email confirming their identity within thirty days. Once confirmed they could post, and their posts were visible to everyone as soon as the user hit [Submit]

From now on, validating users will have 24 hours to respond to the email rather than 30 days. I don't know about you, but when I sign up on a forum or website I check my email so I can post now, not a month from now.

After completing validation, a user will be placed in the "probation" group rather than the "members" group. Posts by "probation" users are moderated, which means the post cannot be seen by anyone else until approved by a moderator. We have almost 900 "users" of the forum with zero posts that were moved to the "probation" group as part of this new policy.

Once a "probation" user has ten posts that are non-spam, he or she will automatically be promoted to the regular "members" group. Posts by "members" are visible to everyone as soon as the user hits [Submit]. We have about 300 users who have posted something non-spam, so their posting capabilities remain unaffected by these anti-spambot changes.

Probation users cannot email or PM a user.
Regular members can email or PM any other user(s)

Please do not email or PM me with a question:
1: I handle over a thousand emails a day, so chances are yours would be buried in the pile.
2: All questions will only be answered in the support forums, so the answers will be useful to others.

Help will be given to install/configure/use phpCOIN, but not programming help to modify phpCOIN operations. If you are competent enough to make programming changes, you should be competent enough to read the source code and figure things out :)

If you are trying to integrate posted sample code into your website, please take into account any changes in phpCOIN made after the code sample was posted. It is discouraging to spend hours answering questions or trying to track down an issue only to find that the user has a version of phpCOIN that makes the sample irrelevant
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