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For discussions on issues encountered in Snapshots or Release Candidates. Please include the Snapshot version and Date, and your server environment as applicable (OS, PHP version, server daemon type and version, MySQL version)when posting.

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> Snapshots and Release Candidates, Important Notice
Posted: May 01, 2010 02:56 pm
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This forum was created to discuss issues, bugs and security matters relating to Development Snapshots and Release Candidates.

Important Notice

Development Snapshots are aimed at developers and security researchers. Whilst the phpCOIN developers make every effort to ensure that all Snapshots and RC's will seamlessly fit into the upgrade path, you should exercise extreme caution before deploying a Development Snapshot, or a Release Candidate onto a Public Facing, or Production Server, environment.

Ensure you read and understand any Notes or Descriptions relevant to the fileset you intend to download prior to deploying any Development Snapshot or Release Candidate

The phpCOIN developers will accept NO responsibility for any consequences resulting from the deployment of any Development Snapshot or Release Candidate.

All posts unrelated to debugging or security issues in this forum will be deleted.

Please ensure you include what fileset (version and date) the post is referring to, and your OS, PHP version, web-sever daemon type and version and MySQL version if applicable.

If you are a developer or security researcher (or just a particularly brave user, and fully understand the consequences of what you are doing) we should like to encourage you to 'have a go' and give us feedback and comments, either in this forum or by eMail to

Please take the trouble to help us; to help you biggrin.gif

***** Unless otherwise stated, all replies refer to the following *****
--- The latest unmodified version of phpCOIN available from the phpCOIN download page on the date and time of this post.
--- All relevant HotFix files applied - One of the four included unmodified themes - The original language files .
--- Help will be given to install/configure/use phpCOIN, but not programming help to modify phpCOIN operations. If you are competent enough to make programming changes, you should be competent enough to read the source code and figure things out :)
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