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Developer Support Policy
        * All questions should include at the very least the phpCOIN version, theme and language being used ~ and the OS platform, web-server type and version, MySQL and PHP versions may also be helpful.
        * If you installed phpCOIN via a 'provisioning' system - PLEASE let us know when you ask your questions - it will save a lot of potential misunderstandings.
        * Any question that involves a returned error message or a feature or function failure MUST have the relevant debug output appended - relevant log entries from the php and/or mail logs may also prove useful.

        * Before reporting an error, please ensure the following:

              o That the error has not already been reported and fixed (or is in the process of being fixed), in the Bugs site.

              o That you can replicate the error on the phpCOIN Live Demo site.

              o That you post full instructions of all the necessary settings and steps needed to replicate the error. If we cannot replicate it, we cannot help!

        * Failure to provide sufficient information will result in your post being ignored and/or deleted by developers. The phpCOIN Free Support Forums is a volunteer-driven service, so there are not enough hours in a day to have to guess what the problem is because you did not provide the crucial info needed.

        * Failure to reply within 24 hours to any request for supplemental information regarding a posted issue may result in the posts or indeed the whole thread being deleted. This will obviously not apply in the case of waiting for the results of scheduled events to run like an invoice copy cron job.

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