Forum Guidelines


  • phpCOIN v1.x was originally developed by middleground to solve his personal requirements for a web-host Client/Orders/Invoicing/Notes interface. Following pressure from interested parties, he kindly decided to release the package to the public.

  • The purpose of the phpCOIN Free Support Forums is to help our users get the most from phpCOIN. To that end we have several simple but necessary rules.

  • We reserve the right ban any user and to edit or delete any post without prior notification or discussion if a post is considered by us to be offensive, obscene, provocative, off-topic or failing to adhere to any of the forum guidelines.

  • Joining these forums means that you agree to have every post you make follow our rules, or be banned from these forums.

Your knowledge level

  • phpCOIN v1.x was always targeted at experienced web-hosts and/or web-masters with a good working knowledge of PHP, MySQL, HTML and how to configure and maintain the various deamons and processes that are required for phpCOIN v1.x to operate. You may also need access to various server configuration files, or you will have to ask your server administrator for help.

  • Third party add-ons have followed this concept and may require users to have a working knowledge of cPanel or Plesk and how to use tools like phpMyAdmin or similar.

  • We will make every effort to assist you in these forums, but this is NOT the place to learn how to manage your server or to learn programming.

  • If you do not feel comfortable with setting up phpCOIN v1.x and/or any of its add-on modules, feel free to post in the "Help Requests" forum and offer to pay someone to do it for you.

No profanity or personal attacks

  • Frustrations abound on the internet, but venting frustration through childish behaviour such as calling another user names will get you banned.

No commercial links

  • Your sig may contain a discreet link to your site(s)

  • You may use the "User Site Links" forum to post a link to your phpCOIN powered-site.

  • You can discuss anything in the "General Chat" forum, but this forum is for conversation purposes, not commercials.

  • Posts that have nothing to do with the support/installation/configuration/operation of phpCOIN v1.x or its add-ons, and appear in any forum other than "General Chat", will be deleted.

One topic per thread

  • Please ensure that each post reflects ONE issue only. A topic of "Change Invoice Currency" is helpful to future users seeking answers, but NOT if it also has a question about disabling a module (because the second issue is unrelated to the topic).

  • When we find multi-topic posts, we will generally answer one topic and delete the rest of the post. We will do this in order to make these forums more usefull by being less cluttered.

Search first

  • Please do not ask a question that has already been answered ~ search first. The old forums were full of posts that answered the same questions hundreds of times, or linked to prior posts.

  • When we find posts asking questions that have already been answered, we will usually delete the post. We will do this in order to make these forums more usefull by being less cluttered.

No multiple posting

  • When you post a question, please wait a reasonable time for an answer before you repost the same question.

  • Do NOT repost the same question ten times in one day.

Developer Support Policy

  • All questions should include at the very least the phpCOIN version, theme and language being used ~ and the OS platform, web-server type and version, MySQL and PHP versions may also be helpful.

  • If you installed phpCOIN via a 'provisioning' system - PLEASE let us know when you ask your questions - it will save a lot of potential misunderstandings.

  • Any question that involves a returned error message or a feature or function failure MUST have the relevant debug output appended - relevant log entries from the php and/or mail logs may also prove useful.

  • Before reporting an error, please ensure the following:

    • That the error has not already been reported and fixed (or is in the process of being fixed), in the Bugs site.

    • That you can replicate the error on the phpCOIN Live Demo site.

    • That you post full instructions of all the necessary settings and steps needed to replicate the error. If we cannot replicate it, we cannot help!

  • Failure to provide sufficient information will result in your post being ignored and/or deleted by developers. The phpCOIN Free Support Forums is a volunteer-driven service, so there are not enough hours in a day to have to guess what the problem is because you did not provide the crucial info needed.

  • Failure to reply within 24 hours to any request for supplemental information regarding a posted issue may result in the posts or indeed the whole thread being deleted. This will obviously not apply in the case of waiting for the results of scheduled events to run like an invoice copy cron job.

Commercial Support Policy

  • This forum exists to provide free support to phpCOIN end users.

  • Commercial users (webmasters, website designers, consultants etc) who are deriving any sort of financial reward or commercial gain from a third party for services rendered regarding the up or down-stream installation, configuration or support of phpCOIN; must contact us regarding purchasing a commercial support contract prior to posting on this forum soliciting help.

  • Any user suspected of using this forum for commercial support without prior arrangement runs the risk of having their account suspended or disabled.

Third-Party Installers

  • We are beginning to see an increasing number of questions from users (mainly about installation or upgrade issues) that do not relate to the phpCOIN code-base.

  • The majority of these have turned out to be caused by modified phpCOIN code and/or third party installer routines that have been run through a 'control panel' to install phpCOIN via some sort of 'provisioning' system.

  • Unfortunately, since the phpCOIN development team did not have anything to do with the coding or implementation of these 'provisioning' systems, we often find ourselves struggling to support users who have installed their version of phpCOIN through them.

  • If you installed phpCOIN via a 'provisioning' system - PLEASE let us know when you ask your questions - it will save a lot of potential misunderstandings.

Limited initial rights

  • In an effort to combat spam, new users are placed on "probation", which means their first five posts may be moderated (not visible until approved) and they cannot email or PM any other users.

  • Once a "probation" member has five non-rejected posts, they are automatically promoted to "regular" member.

  • A regular member's posts are visible immediately, and they can email or PM any other user(s)

Links to third-party websites:

  • Technology Services RPVW S.L.. reserve the right to remove any links or references from their web sites, withdraw any form of support to, or negate any prior contract with, any individual or company suspected of directly or indirectly engaging in, or having associations with any third party that may be engaging in, activities that could be considered unacceptable, undesirable, offensive, indecent, obscene, excessively violent or otherwise objectionable, immoral or illegal.

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