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> phpCOIN v1.4.0 Released
Posted: February 24, 2008 12:15 am
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phpCOIN v1.4 represents a major overhaul of the phpCOIN v1.x series code-base, and is intended to be the last release by developers prior to the launch of the commercial phpCOIN version 2. The code-base was completely overhauled for readability, speed improvements, and visual and operational consistency. It is also our initial effort to ensure php v6 compatibility, and requires php v4.1 or higher.

We thank those who downloaded RC1 and RC2 for testing, and we especially thank those who provided invaluable feedback so we could make this release of phpCOIN the best ever.

  • No known issues

New Features:
  • cronjob to import paypal emails and convet into invoice payumenst, since PayPal IPN site has intermitent issues
  • auxpage for testing imap connection parameters for cronjobs such as helpdesk-import, paypal-import, etc.
  • Over-ride helpdesk open/closed to be "open" and status to be "awaiting support" when cron imports a ticket message
  • WHOIS edit "over-ride product" is now a drop-down that dislays product descriptions, rather than simply a text input for product_id only
  • Support Google Adsense vertical and horizontal ads via tag on siteinfo, faq and pages content, and support a menu block. A default new install of phpCOIN shows ads for our account
  • All major listings now have selection links for status/not status, similar to what was long available on the invoices listing
  • All major listings now hide sort icons and "actions" column when printing, in addition to hiding status/not status links
  • Printout of major listings honors sort/page settings
  • Clients listing can now sort by the two-out-of-three columns displayed
  • Option to not send nag emails for overdue invoices if customer has a prepaid balance
  • Show item status for each item if "all" selected on ToDo listing
  • Made all drop-down SELECT lists sort alphabetically by name/title, rather then record number. Records should now be much easier to find in longer drop-downs with display of record numbers removed
  • Add default text if an email template is missing
  • Admin parameter to hide/show "support" as available option on "contact" form
  • Implement minimum client password length, and better error checking/error messages thereof
  • In phpCOIN v1.3.1 and lower, the site logo was expected to be located within the /coin_images directory. That is fine unless you change themes, in which case you may also need to goto Admin -> Parameters to also change the logo to match the new theme. In phpCOIN v1.4.0 the logo is now expected to be located within the theme's /images directory. If you have several themes, and a specific logo for each theme, name them all the same and as you switch themes phpCOIN will automatically switch logos
  • Initial efforts to ensure that phpCOIN is php v6 compatible, now requires php v4.1 or higher
  • The code-base was completely overhauled for speed improvements, and visual and operational consistency
  • Source code layout significantly cleaned up, so it should be easier to see how things work if you wish to program your own modules/themes/extensions
  • Hundreds upon hundreds of non-fatal warning message have been eliminated for folks who keep their php error reporting settings set at debug-level rather than production-server-level
  • Many temporary variables have been eliminated
  • To increase security, most configuration paths and URLs are now DEFINEs, rather than $_CCFG array elements
  • Input parsing and cleansing have been moved from five separate files into a single file, and made recursive
  • All database calls are object->method now, instead of mixed function overlays calls
  • Database calls have been rationalized, resulting in such changes as the elimination of 'ORDER BY' clauses when a single record is expected to be read
  • Ad hoc calls to do_addslashes() and do_stripslashes() have been replaced by calls to database-specific cleansing routines for almost every variable written to the database. This should eliminate the vast majority of the occasional MySQL errors
  • Add "compatibility mode" flag and file so themes and modules written for phpCOIN v1.3.1 and lower can work unmodified on phpCOIN v1.4.0
  • Add "Compatibility Mode" info to v1.4.0 ugrade screen

Significant Changes:
  • Major overhaul of code-base for readability ands speed improvemenst
  • Set default "cheque" type vendors to use IPN so client clicking "submit" will not mark invoice as paid
  • Set "Telecommunications" title to appear only if one of the relevant fields has a value, rather than appear by default
  • Eliminate "allowed characters" variable, since we support UTF-8 out-of-the-box
  • Made spacing between all icons and all alignments on listings consistent
  • Do not base64_encode text portion of email body
  • Cleanup mailto clients operation and also only add "All Contacts" for a client to drop-down if the client has more than one alias
  • Make all globals available to email templates
  • Ensure that wysiwyg editors are only loaded during add/edit mode of relevant module/cp, not for entire call of module/cp
  • Simplify wysiwyg usage for third-party themes
  • Utilize pre-existing phpCOIN database access and email functions when performing database backup, rather than have backup functions re-create the wheel
  • Changes to select client drop-down for emailing, etc. to be more visually intuitive and quicker to access a client record or contact record
  • Standardized all textareas to be 80 columns wide for wysiwyg pages and 60 columsnwide for non-wysisyg pages, and 50 columns wide for notes/comments, rather than present mixup of sizes
  • Utilize language strings rather than hard-coded text in cronjobs process reporting
  • Remove "Test Mode", which is not really needed since phpCOIN has a demo site available

Bug Fixes:
  • Admin-entered helpdesk ticket from client alias has incorrect client info, therefore not reachable via phpCOIN
  • Viewing email archive message displays "admin" button to client (Issue: 71)
  • Prevent timeout if MySQL server is on a different machine and network latency is causing installation issues
  • Client data was not run through do_addslashes() when added or edited manually by an administrator. (Issue: 70)
  • Fixed many previously unknown html errors in some admin control panels and some themes
  • Fixed several previously unknown (minor) bugs in several admin control panels and modules
  • invalid mysql queries on cc -> search domains plus table columns in wrong order
  • Ensure correct labels and notation for required/optional fields on orders

Please do not email or PM me with a question:
1: I handle over a thousand emails a day, so chances are yours would be buried in the pile.
2: All questions will only be answered in the support forums, so the answers will be useful to others.

Help will be given to install/configure/use phpCOIN, but not programming help to modify phpCOIN operations. If you are competent enough to make programming changes, you should be competent enough to read the source code and figure things out :)

If you are trying to integrate posted sample code into your website, please take into account any changes in phpCOIN made after the code sample was posted. It is discouraging to spend hours answering questions or trying to track down an issue only to find that the user has a version of phpCOIN that makes the sample irrelevant
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